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How to Take Great iPhone Photos, Top Five Tips!

How to take iPhone photos, disney
Disney Castle, iPhone photo

These days our iPhones are equipped with amazing cameras and features to take amazing photos. And the best part is that it fits in your pocket! If you are a social media influencer, mom, or photographer, your iPhone will be the best tool especially on the go!

With apps and filters you can really turn your photos into amazing pieces of art. But the details are in composition! I am going to list a few easy ways to make your iPhone photos bump up to the next level.

1. Framing and Angles

When you are getting ready to hit that shutter button try moving the camera a few different angles and heights to see if the angle is more interesting. Below is an example of shooting straight and then moving closer and choosing from a different upward angle.

2. Lighting

Lighting is key in any photo. Interior photos should be lit by opening up any windows for natural light. Always face the subject towards the light. In the photo below, I wanted to take a last day of school photo of my girls and brought them outside towards the light. If you face the subject with the light in the background they will be washed out. Side bar: don't use the flash, use natural light wherever you can.

Natural lighting image example

3. Edit Your Photos In Lightroom Mobile APP

I have used many different photo edit apps including Pic Tap Go, VSCO, and more), and Lightroom Mobile is my favorite. I can edit my photos with the same settings that I use in photoshop. There are many mobile presets available for purchase or you can play with your own settings. For this I wanted a lighter brighter photo which had peach tones.

4. Don’t Use the Zoom Feature

You can easily crop any photo . using the edit feature in iPhone, and almost all apps have a crop feature. If you want your image to be closer, either stand closer and crop the photo afterwards. Phone cameras are not ideal for zooming because the quality of the image will decrease.

(Lightroom cropping example shown.)

Lightroom Crop Example

5. Clean Your Photo Lens!!

Believe it or not, this is so simple and makes a HUGE difference. When you camera lens is dirty, the photo will be hazy and unclear. By taking a few moments to wipe your lens, you won't be sorry.


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