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Starting and Growing your own business.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Ready for the Next Chapter...

As we entered 2022 this year, I looked back over the last two years at how we have worked from home and stayed in our "circles." After returning full time to the office in 2021, I was getting home late, helping with homework and before I know it everyone was off to bed. I missed the little moments and realized that I missed being home with my girls and being present in their lives.

After many discussions in our household and taking a good look at our budgets, we decided that I would take the leap and leave the corporate 9-5 world to grow my design business. At the same time I was offered an amazing opportunity to work with a local company as their Marketing Director making my own hours and working remotely. This was such an amazing opportunity I could not pass it up! It's a scary leap of faith but I have the most amazing support system that are cheering me on.

Next steps

So this brings me less than one week left of my corporate job, realizing I need to shout out to the world about myself and my business. So onward we go!


I had to announce to the world that I am making changes in my career. This was done by the following:

• Instagram Post

• Instagram Story

• Facebook Post

• Twitter Tweet

• LinkedIn Update & Post

• Blog Post

This would let all news channels know about the news and hope that they may share and repost or tweet. I also took some time to review my website and update as necessary focusing more on the design studio side of the business and less on the retail side. This will help set my brand apart and show potential customers the breadth of my work ability.

I created this graphic for the story to help drive people to read my new post. Following the metrics of all the social media channels can be daunting but there are small bite news reels to follow to help keep you in the know.

I also added images showing working, computers and of course LOTS of coffee to visual show people what I would be doing. This helps for those who don't fully read the whole post.

The last two and most important steps are to reach out to my email marketing list and create Pinterest pins leading to this blog post. Pinterest is a great tool to reach out to your audience. And email marketing consist of your exact customers/audience.

For email marketing I use Flodesk and it is just a beautifully designed program. It incorporates more than just the email side, it allows pop-ups, lead capture forms and workflow options, so even if you don't have a website, you can still keep a consistent look and reach out to your audience.

To try Flodesk for 50% off your subscription, use this link.

Next is Pinterest pins. By creating pins that lead to either your Blog, website, or forms etc. you are driving business to your brand.

I use Canva to create all my pins. They have a free option, but you can also pay for a subscription and have access to more options. You can upload your own images and colors so you can still maintain your brand feel.

Good luck on your business venture as I grow mine. The most important part of this is to succeed by supporting others, stay true to your brand mission and always look for ways to improve.

Stay connected through social media, and please reach out if you have any questions. Cheers to the next chapter!

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