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Beach Home Decor Makeover

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When my client asked for a refreshed beach cabana for their upcoming family wedding, I was up for the challenge. There were a few things we needed to keep such as all furniture and the floor and ceiling were already perfect for the beach theme.

Living room decorated in beach decor
Living Room in Beach Decor

With a budget of $2000 I was able to shop at some local Vero Beach stores and found some unique and locally-sourced good such as an organic candle with wood wick, a set of beads handmade with a Florida emblem from the local Vero shop Kieonie.

Close up of bowl with beach decor
Beach decor from Target and Kieonie

We utilized many of the items my client had such as blankets and comforter but added artwork and decor to refresh the space.

From artwork they purchased on their honeymoon, to the first table that purchased when they moved into together, we were able to utilize they current items and update the decor items to meet their needs.

Here are some of the "before" images of the main living room, bathroom and bedroom followed by the after.


Before Living Room Photo

Before Living Room Photo
Before Bathroom Photo

Before Bedroom Photo


After Kitchen Decor Photo

After Bathroom Photo

Living room decorated with Beach Decor

Beach pillows accent the couch.

Natural textures and colors brought in help tie the beach theme together.

New curtains brighten up the space.

Cute welcome mat from Target adorns the entryway.

If you love any of these designs, pin them for inspiration on your next design project!!

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