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Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party

My girls both asked for a Harry Potter themed birthday for their 11th birthday, which is the age Harry was when the series started. I was excited for this as we already had a lot of Harry Potter decor.

A display of Harry Potter themed food items.
Harry Potter Honeydukes Food Table

I started the planning process gathering all the items together and coming up with food items. I have read the books but googled some names of food items.

Food items, chocolate frogs, witch hats and broomsticks plus more.
Harry Potter Theme - Honeydukes Table filled with desserts
Candy for party favors
Harry Potter theme Honeydukes party favors
Used Halloween decor to add to the ambiance.
Harry Potter Birthday Decor

We had a variety of sweet treats for the Honeydukes table to include:

Chocolate frogs

Witch hats


Troll Poop

Wizard Wanda

Goblin Gummies

We put the treats in cauldrons we had from Halloween as well as using some of our Halloween decor.

Printed posters on card stock as well as letter from a professor for added decor.

Table set for the craft table.
Harry Potter decor and crafts

We did some party crafts including potion bottles and make your own wand. We put down aluminium foil to protect the table. We spray painted paper towel and toilet paper rolls gold with dripped hot glue to make floating candles.

Table centerpiece with floating candles
Harry Potter Table centerpiece
Used Halloween decor for table centerpiece.
Harry Potter table setting

The last fun item we did was make letters for each guest with stamps and wax seal. We hung them from the ceiling as though they were flying out of the fireplace.

Created letters to appear they are flying out of the fireplace.
Harry Potter Letters

The kids had a blast and they were able to take home their crafts and candy as party favors!

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