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Boho / Fairy Birthday Party

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The girls all had a fun time and the crafts were a big hit!

Fairy Light

I love to have crafts at the parties I have for the girls and also enjoy transforming the house into the theme. This year was Boho Fairy birthday. We transformed the house into a garden oasis. Our crafts were a unicorn flower pot and ribbon dreamcatcher.

Unicorn Flower Pot

Unicorn Flower Pot: (click each item for link)

one small flower pot

white & pink paint

Glitter paper

Succulent Flowers

Fabric Flowers


Glue Gun & sticks


Unicorn Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher:

Embroidery ring


Multiple Colors of Ribbon

Fabric Flowers

White and Pink Felt

Glue gun & sticks

The cake was made by Publix and is Land of Stories themed which was perfect with our fairy boho theme.

Fairy Tale Land of Stories Cake

The girls all had a fun time and the crafts were a big hit!

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