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Autumn Feels - Decorating for Fall

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Every year I look forward to opening my fall bins and looking through the autumn decor – some old, some new, all bringing with the warm feelings that the autumn season has. Growing up I never lived in any home for more than three years, so the holidays were always a special time because my mom decorated with the familiar decor which to me, made it feel like home.

Although its only September 3rd, I started decorating our home for fall (yes we live in Florida and its still 86 degrees, but we will look past that.) With the pumpkin candles, red and orange flowers and yellow accents, our home is adorned and ready for fall!

When I begin to decorate for the holidays, I always remove any normal decor so that our shelves and counters do not look cluttered.

Adding accents of gold, I place fall items like this acorn holder within these cute baskets from the Hearth & Hand collection from Joanna Gaines at Target.

Every season I replace the print by our front door with one of the prints from my stationery line. This one is so perfect and focuses on all the fun fall favorites. I have also added some fall flowers and wood welcome sign to the front table.

The girls and I baked fresh cookies to help fill the house with warm fall smells. Every year we would do autumn crafts and these cute wood cut out leaves have become a staple of our fall decor each year. I picked up this cute (and amazingly smelling) candle from Target last year. Although the candle is gone, we liked the look of the pumpkin and used it to add a spice of color to our decor.

We have an awesome book stack set that we have collaborated over the years and have added a simple yellow floral decor and a ceramic green pumpkin from Target.

By our front door we have a Pottery Barn bench that I always decorate for the season with a seasonal pillow. This year I purchased a new pumpkin pillow from Target and coupled it with a checkered black and white pillow we use most of the year.

For the exterior I put out our fall carpets, signage and just picked up an orange mum from Lowes. I use a clear coat UV protector on anything outside to help keep the decor vibrant. Works perfectly and keeps our decor lasting a few years.

Now we are all set for the fall season! What are your favorite decor items?


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