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Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party VIP Passes

For my daughter’s 13th birthday she wanted to do karaoke and just have a good old-fashioned girl’s birthday, a.k.a singing, laughing, sharing stories and eating cake! With the pandemic, this would be our first large “party” and honestly I was a bit nervous, but with most of the girls have been vaccinated and being in school together for two weeks, we felt more comfortable.

So I began to plan a truly personalized birthday party. Emme chose Taylor Swift as her singer that she wanted to model the party after and all the girls dressed in their favorite TSwift era. I made custom VIP name tags for each girl and ordered these cute sunglasses from amazon.

Custom VIP Pass

We moved some furniture out of the way and created a stage. I also wanted to deck out the “stage” with cr paper in gold and red. We chose the red, gold and black as theme colors. I was able to create a background by twisting the crate paper and hanging over the drape bar. I had to attach to the window with tape to keep them tight and keep the twist.

Party Decor
Close up of crate paper streamers

Custom-made Taylor Swift cookies from Bean Bake Cookies

Karaoke Party - Taylor Swift theme

The girls had so much singing, and laughing. We put the lyrics on the TV through our Apple TV and YouTube so the whole group could see the words. Emme had a fun time and it is another successful party in the books.

Mother and daughter celebrating Taylor Swift themed birthday party
Taylor Swift Style

Lastly made a photo wall with these this shiny fringe from Target and Taylor Swift handmade banner from Etsy. Links below!


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