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Musical Inspiration

This weekend, my daughter K was fortunate enough to perform with her musical group from school at the local Farmers' market. This event was attended by hundreds of locals. The day was absolutely beautiful.

While the group was setting up their instruments (a mix of xylophones, ukulele's guitars and even a gong) many passerbys were intrigued. This was not the students first performance but something stood out this day and gave off an excited vibe. As they began to play, the crowd grew around them, many people of all ages stopped to listen. The crowd recognized the songs and even some sang and little ones danced. The scene was magical. The students who played were engaged in their performance and smiled after every song.

My excitement for these moments is to see how music touches the hearts of so many people and brings young and old together. From the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, to Imagine Dragons and Ode to Joy, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Music is a passion and part of my every day; seeing how much joy it brings my daughter makes me feel complete and happy. She is talented beyond words and has surpassed my skills in piano by a long shot. I am in awe of the talent she has and am excited for her future to see where music and art will take her.


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